Animal Husbandry 1

Topics: Livestock, Domestication, Artificial insemination Pages: 2 (585 words) Published: June 13, 2011
Animal husbandry is the science of taking care of domestic animals that are used primarily as food or product sources. In many places throughout the world, people are essentially specialists in animal husbandry by means of being farmers, ranchers, sheepherders, or anyone who takes care of a variety of animals. Anyone who takes care of domesticated animals, especially in large groups, is practicing animal husbandry. A second definition of animal husbandry is that it is a subject that can be studied, often in the college environment. People who take undergraduate degrees in animal husbandry may be less interested in caring for a flock of animals and more likely to specialize with graduate degrees in veterinary medicine, pharmacy degrees specializing in animals, or in managing large companies that produce products for animals like feed. Some people who raise animals may also take a class or two in animal husbandry to learn how to do certain things, like how to dock tails, make use of the newest technology to milk animals, or how to breed animals using artificial insemination techniques. In general, many of the practices involved in learning animal husbandry come naturally from being raised on farms where large numbers of animals are raised. This is particularly true in primarily rural areas and in less developed countries. Children are early taught how to take care of the same types of animals their parents raise so that they can take over farms and ranches as adults.

In more developed countries, programs like 4H exist, which help young children learn how to raise animals, show them, sell them, and possibly slaughter them. It all depends upon the type of animal raised and its uses as a saleable product. With most people no longer raising their own domestic animals for meat or clothing, 4H gives children the opportunity to raise one or two animals, sometimes more depending upon the parents’ resources. From a scientific standpoint, specialists in animal husbandry...
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