Animal House Outline

Topics: National Lampoon's Animal House Pages: 3 (762 words) Published: November 7, 2011
1. Fraternity Omega House
a. Kent & Larry are exiled to the unwantables at Omega (Best House).(3:36) b. Meet Bluto and go to Delta House (Worst House)meet Bluto who urinates on their shoes.(5:45) c. D-day rides in on motorcycle.(9:20) Boon & Otter make appearance at rush party.(9:35) d. Boon and Katie have discussion about hanging with animals and getting drunk every weekend.(11:30) e. Dean puts Delta on double secret probation.(13:03)

2. Pledging at Delta and Omega
f. Pledges are woken up with fire extinguishers, given Delta names of Pinto (Larry) and Flounder (Kent), and are initiated into Delta with party.(11:45-16:30) g. Omega pledges are paddled into frat.(17:00)

h. Jennings speaks about Milton and admits the reading is boring. (18:25) i. Bluto hides under bleachers and looks up Babs’ and Mandy’s skirts.(19:10) j. Neidermeyer berates Delta pledge Flounder (Kent)(20:15) and Otter hits horse with golf ball(21:52) and then hits Neidermeyer (22:03) which leads to Neidermeyer falling off and then being pulled by the horse. k. Boon, Pinto, and Katie smoke pot with Jennings.(23:50-25:52) 3. Horse Stall & Theft

l. Flounder tries to clean stall and Neidermeyer berates him again.(26:40) Makes Flounder do pushups over a pile of horse manure. m. Bluto, D-day and Flounder take horse to dean’s office.(28:07-29:00) n. Flounder shoots gun with blanks toward ceiling , horse dies anyway.(30:11) o. Mayor extorts money from college for parade before the horse is dismembered for removal from the office. Mayor also wants doesn’t want a riot in his town during parade.(31:30) 4. Cafeteria

p. Otter hits on Mandy Pepperidge.(32:35)
q. Bluto loads tray with food, stuffs his face with several items and loads his pockets.(32:43-33:59) r. Babs calls Bluto a pig. Bluto retaliates by pretending to be an exploding zit and spewing cottage cheese from his...
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