Animal House Orgainzational Functions

Topics: National Lampoon's Animal House, Fraternal and service organizations, Fraternities and sororities Pages: 5 (2117 words) Published: December 3, 2012
Earlier in the semester our class observed and studied National Lampoon’s Animal House which is an impressive example of how organizations operate and function as a whole. In this film, there were many factors and dynamics of what organizations consist of. Such as, attitudes, personality and values, perception and decision making, motivation, emotions and moods, group behaviors, work teams, communication, leadership, power and politics, conflict and negotiation, structure and culture. 1.)Attitudes: The first element of film was the attitudes that the fraternity brothers had with their character and other members. Bluto showed an organizational commitment to the frat which is a good example of his attitude he had towards the fraternity. Bluto demonstrates his commitment because he has been a part of the Delta fraternity for over seven years. Another example of an attitude is how Kent (Flounder) portrays an affective commitment to the frat. Kent does this by wearing his hat to the frat and he has an emotional connection to the frat because his older brother was an older member of the Deltas. Kent feels since his brother was a member, that he wants to caring on the responsibly and carry on the tradition of his brother. The next example of an attitude revealed in the movie is a normative commitment to the fraternity. All the members, including both the frats demonstrate this because they show an obligation to remain with the organization throughout their college career. The best example of this is Bluto being a member for over 5 years, even though he should have graduated. 2.)Personality/ Values: The first example of personality in the film is being an extravert. The character Otter is a great example of being an extravert. Otter is very sociable, confident, and outgoing. Otter is very gregarious when trying to recruit new members for the Delta fraternity during the rush. Another trait that is existent in the movie is amicability and agreeableness. Larry (Pinto) is a good example of this because at the start he did not want to join the Deltas but Kent (Flounder) convinced Pinto and he accepted the frat once he really got to meet the members and gain a little insight on them. Being open to experience is another personality factor. Flounder and Pinto had this by trying to get into a fraternity when starting out their freshmen year. First they tried to get into the more serious frat (Omega) but once they arrived they didn’t really feel welcomed or felt fitted in, but they tried it anyway for the experience. The values that Flounder and Pinto wanted was their basic convictions of them being accepted by others and people that wanted their existence. 3.)Perception/ Decision Making: Both Omega and Delta had very different perceptions. The Omega fraternity on campus was known to be the more serious frat and had good organized group. The Delta fraternity was more about having fun and was boundless to rules and codes. The Omega frat is alleged to be a more successful crowd and the Delta frat is perceived to be very ineffective crowd. The Omega fraternity was perceived to be a brotherhood frat whereas the Delta fraternity is all about having parties and having fun no matter what it is. An example of ethical decision making would be when both of the frats decided to steal the answers to the exam. The Omega frat was able to steal the correct answers before the Delta frat would. Since Chip from the Omega frat got the right answers, he decided to throw an old exam test in the trash that the Delta frat found. Another example of decision making is when the Deltas decided to throw a “toga” party after they all failed the test from getting the wrong answers. They decided to throw the party to get their spirits up and forget about the exam, even though they were all on probation. The next example of decision making is when Larry (Pinto) decided not to take advantage of the mayor’s daughter after she was intoxicated from the party. 4.)...
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