Animal Hoarding 2

Topics: Compulsive hoarding, Animal cruelty, Animal welfare Pages: 5 (1983 words) Published: November 14, 2011
Jessica Hirsch
GSW 1100
Dr. Burroughs
March 29, 2011
Animal Hoarding
How would you feel if you saw an animal that is boney and sick? For people that love animals it is hard to picture an animal that is sick, covered in fleas or ticks, cuts, and is just boney. Animal hoarding is an unrecognized problem in many communities. By the time people notice it usually too late to help the animals that are involved in the hoarding. Hoarding is considered a type of animal abuse and can be punishable by law if found guilty in court. There are over a hundred cases each year that deal with just animal hoarding that is reported to the authorities. Many shelters and veterinary offices help those poor animals that are brought in by cops and organizations that are established to rescue animals in trouble or danger. There are solutions in solving this problem that is spreading across the United States that can be solved locally or solved by the state. These solutions are the most reasonable. They are to limit the number animals in a household, to check up on previous hoarders more recently, and to inform people of the ways they can help and the effects that can happen due to this problem. Animal hoarding by definition is an individual person who accumulates a large number of animals and does not provide adequate care for them such as veterinary care, clean living space, and proper food source. There are some hoarders that when found by the police hand over most or all the animals over to the state because they realize that it is the right thing to do for the animals. There are groups out there such as the Humane Society and the ASPCA that are out there helping animals that are victims of animal cruelty. Both groups have websites and commercials to show people what is going in the “animal world” so to say. The Humane Society website has many articles about cases that were successful in helping animals. One article called “Rescued from Squalor” discusses a case that took place in Preston, Missouri. A lady lived in a house that was filled with trash and feces to the point there was no floor. The backyard was nothing but mud and feces that was the home to many dogs in kennels while the rest lived inside the house. The smell from inside the house was so strong that it made the rescuers eyes water even though they special masks on to help breathe inside house. By the end of the seize and the trial the lady went to the sheriff and asked him to write a letter stating she was not charged with cruelty charges and it was okay for her to receive animals again. The sheriff refused her request and told the local shelters, stores, and anywhere else that was selling animals that the lady was trying to collect animals again (Allan). The Humane Society is a worldwide organization that people can easily donate money or their time to help animals in need. There are television shows about animal cruelty and hoarding that get down to the heart of the problem and find ways to help the animals and those people who are willing to accept the help of the officers and the animal rescue. All these shows appear on a television station called “Animal Planet.” The one show that specifically is about animal hoarding is “Confessions: Animal Hoarding” and on this television program the investigators go deep into the problem and try to help the animals in need and the people that are seeking help. This helps people that watch that television station understand more about animal hoarding and how it affects both human and animal. In each state there are laws about domestic animals and their treatment. In Ohio, there is a statue about offences relating to domestic animals, and it is broken down into many parts. The statue in Ohio code is 959 and the one that specifically talks about animal cruelty, which is where animal hoarding falls under, states “No person shall: Torture an animal, deprive one of necessary sustenance, unnecessarily or cruelly beat,...
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