Animal Fur Right

Topics: Fur, Fur clothing, Fake fur Pages: 5 (1512 words) Published: October 4, 2011
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Vy P. Tran
Professor Eric Moberg
English 330
11 February 2011
Animal Fur Rights
God created this beautiful university. He breathed life into animals and man, and made them living souls. Animals are just like man. So, why are there on earth the rights to kill animals? Why human are being so cruel to the animals? Animals have been killed for their fur, burnt, sliced, poisoned with toxic chemicals, tested in the laboratory. The question is not,” Can they reason?” nor,” Can they talk?” but rather,” Can they suffer?” Is it right to take the life of an innocent animal? Imagine how animals suffer from pain, I feel deep sorrow. There are many categories to form the term animal rights. I will only discuss a few. Killing animals for their fur is a sin. My goal in this paper is to bring some specific facts about fur clothes cruelty and why should we stop use fur products. Do you love your pet? How would you feel if someone came and skinned them for their fur? Most people know about the good quality of animals’ fur product but they do not clearly know how they were collected. Since people know about the process to make fur products, they will realize that it was a shame to killing innocent animals for furs. Before I can begin the research of this subject, I need to provide the cause and effect of wearing fur clothing.

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According to the website “Fueled by a fashion rage for beaver hats and other fur apparel in Europe during the 16th and 17th centuries, the fur trade became one of the first major industries in the American colonies”, which means that people started to wear fur long time ago. There are various reasons would explain why people wear fur clothing. First, people who live in a cold climate area such as Alaska wear fur because other fabrics may not be warm enough for them. For this purpose, it can be acceptable to choose fur to wear. Second, natural fur looks softer than fake fur. So people wear fur clothing they want to be fashionable, or as a status symbol. However, they will never care about the cruelty of the process making those fancy fur products. They think showing up their rich is making people look up on them. In contrast, it is just so wrong!

There are long-effects of killing animals for fur. According to the website, millions of animals are being killed for the clothing industry every year. They came from Chinese fur farm, Indian slaughterhouses. It is an immeasurable amount of animals suffering of death. Later, these animals may go extinct if people keep selling and buying fur clothing. Although animals are different from human being, however God had treasured animals as his children like human. So, animals have the right to be protected from human. I’ve collected some useful source for my research paper from the internet, articles, and eBook.

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Animals Fur Rights Survey Response
The responses of 21 people on
Fur or against fur? Which side are you on? Samantha Booth in her new article had pointed out some issues in protest against the fur trade. The fur trade main’s point for breeding animals for their skins is freedom of choice. Through my survey responses of 21 people, 10 among them said animals have freedom of choice. Actually animals do not really have freedom of choice. In fact, animals are limited to their instinct and so have influenced by the controlling of people. 8 people including me among 21 people are on the side against the fur trade. Individuals have different opinions. However, I think animal fur cruelty is wrong. Everyday customers, as well as famous one, are definitely buying fur clothing again. Why should we against fur trade? Because the methods of killing are terrible, animals feel pain and fear. Yet they...
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