Animal Farm a Satirical Story

Topics: Animal Farm, Leon Trotsky, George Orwell Pages: 3 (1089 words) Published: October 13, 2012
Animal Farm

Animal Farm written by George Orwell is a satirical story written during the Stalin Era and it basically depicts the events leading from the Stalin Era up to World War II. Orwell was criticizing the ideas of Stalinism and he makes fun of the system throughout Animal Farm. There are a variety of different conflicts in the story, society plays a role in the reasoning of why the conflicts exist. Many of the conflicts that are present in Animal Farm can be related to past and present events in America.

Like I stated in the introduction, more than one conflict exists in Animal Farm. One of the conflicts that I first noticed was a Man v. Man conflict, which was seen with the animals of Manor Farm and Mr. Jones. The conflict began after Old Major told all of the animals his dream. The animals all became restless and were eager to make plans to rebel against Mr. Jones. The animals believed that once they had accomplished the rebellion that everything with Mr. Jones would get better. However, it did not. It made things worse, which is extremely obvious as you continue to get farther in the story. Old Major’s character was the main reason for the start of the conflict, all of the animals looked up to Old Major and knew that his life was coming to an end and they wanted to make him proud so they wanted to fulfill his dream. Mr. Jones also plays a role in the conflict, if he didn’t treat the animals so poorly Old Major would have no reason to want to take over the farm. Napoleon and Snowball also help with creating the conflict, they were in a way, pushing the animals to want to rebel against Mr. Jones. Another conflict that I saw while reading Animal Farm was a Man v. Nature conflict between the animals on Animal Farm and the harsh winter that they had to face. This conflict was extremely noticeable after the windmill that the animal invested so much time into was destroyed. The animals were forced to work during the winter to fix the windmill. They...
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