Animal Farm: A Perfect Example of Corruption of Power

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  • Published : April 23, 2013
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Animal Farm Essay
It all boils down to something greater than how the farm was perceived, even though the farm was run by animals, they all symbolized different aspects of communist ideals. It was trying to maintain a sense of stability in the form of equality through different factors that changed the people and their government. Absolute equality is impossible but there still is an effort to achieve it.

Animal Farm is a perfect example of the corruption of power in the leaders which builds a barrier to trying to achieve the goals of equality. Napoleon the pig became a harsh tyrant when he banished Snowball off the farm. He took food for himself when others were starving, he drank alcohol, and he made Squealer change the rules to make himself free of his crimes like walking on two legs which used to be a human quality which went against animalism. Near the end of the novel, the animals could not tell the difference between Napoleon and Pilkington. During Napoleon’s reign in power he would try to resemble humans by wearing clothes, drinking alcohol, trading with other humans, and walking on two legs. Napoleon tried to use his resources to gain more wealth and power rather than supporting Old Major’s Animalism ideals. Similar to Animal Farm, countries in the modern world went through this cycle of tyrants too. In the mid- 1920’s, a Soviet leader named Joseph Stalin used his power to grasp his own desires for power and wealth. He was very skilled and worked his way to the top, eliminating all possible threats to his position in power. He was very similar to Napoleon. Power corrupted both leaders way of thinking and changed how they ruled and how it affected the common people.

In the farm there was a type of social division among the animals, the pigs were more educated, Benjamin was educated but he was too apathetic to speak up against what was going on. Boxer thought his leaders were doing right because that was what he was taught; the sheep blindly followed...
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