Animal Farm: the Story of Human and Animal Relation

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Animal Farm

Scene 1: Before the meeting
JESSIE: (narrating on the side) It was a storm of judgment. For years, we had been hiding from oppression. Hiding from Napoleon’s spies. But now nature was washing away the disease. I always knew, as with all things built on a wrong foundation, the farm would one day crumble. At last, the wait is over. The poisonous cement which held Napoleon’s evil dream together was being washed away. I could taste it in the water. I was old, I was almost blind, but I can still remember… FARMER: (drunk and yaw2 while farming with Boxer sa aisle) Keep in line, you stupid useless horse. (etc.) JESSIE: (naa sa stage) No, this can’t be! (dagan to push Farmer) BOXER: Why did you do that?

JESSIE: But he is hurting you!
BOXER: You must not hurt any humans.
JESSIE: Anyway, Boxer, there will be a meeting in the barn tonight. FARMER’S WIFE: (enter) Mr. Jones!
BOXER: Go, Jessie! You must not be seen.
JESSIE: Ok, boxer. Make sure can come tonight.
BOXER: Yes, Jessie. Now, go! (Jessie exits)
FARMER’S WIFE: Calling Mr. Jones! Mr. Joooones! Wake up now! (throw pail with water confetti) Waaapiiyaaayooo-waapiiiyaaayeeee… (exit with Farmer while pinching his ears)

Scene 2: The Meeting
(play music: I Saw The Sign)
(ducks will enter from aisle while rest of the animals will stay on the lower stage) OLD MAJOR: My friends, I don’t think I will be with you for many days more. I’ve had a long life, and now it is my duty to pass unto you such as I understand of the nature of our lives. Animalkind is born to a miserable, laborious and short existence. We are given only just enough food as will sustain the breath in our bodies and when our usefulness has come to an end, we are slaughtered with hideous cruelty. And who, pray, is responsible for our suffering? Man. Man is our enemy…remove man, and the root cause of hunger and overwork is abolished forever. Remove man, and the produce of our labor will be our own. Remove man, and overnight we will become free and equal. We must never come to resemble man in any way, or engage in trade. Amongst us animals there must be unity and comradeship. All animals are friends. All humans are enemies. Now, my friends, I will tell you about the end of my dream and the song that came to me. It’s a song you must learn. It’s a song of justice and freedom.

Song: Beasts of England
Beasts of the world, we shall unite
Rise up and ready for the fight
Soon or late the day will be
When man’s defeated and we are free
Soon or late the day will be
When man’s defeated and we are free
Our limbs be tired and worn
Our dreams will not be broken
And our hearts will not be torn
Our dreams will not be broken
And our hearts will not be torn

JONES: (wakes up and complains to the noise) Quiet! (shoots angry birds) (Old major dies and falls to the ground)
JESSIE: Nooooooo!
MOSES: Kroo..Kroo..
SQUEELER: Awkward…

N: During the next three months, there was much secret activity. The work of teaching and organizing everybody was done by the pigs, who were the cleverest of the animals. The three most important pigs were Snowball, Squeler and Napoleon. They begin to develop a system of thought based on what Old Major had said. They called it Animalism. ANIMALS: Animalism? Animalism?

N: The pigs tried to explain Animalism to the animals, which wasn’t easy at all.

MOLLIE: We should be loyal to Mr Jones, he is our master.
SQUEALER: Mollie! No masters! Rebellion!
BENJAMIN: If the rebellion is going to happen anyway, what does it matter if we work for it or not. SQUEALER: Benjamin! Work!
MOLLIE: Besides, Mr Jones feeds us, if he were gone, we’d starve. SQUEALER: Work, rebellion, work, animalism, REBELLION!
MOLLIE: Will there be sugar after the rebellion?
MOSES: Sugar ! Did I hear someone say sugar?
BENJAMIN: Moses, the raven, was Mr Jones special pet. He claimed to know of the existence of a mysterious country called……. MOSES: Sugarcandy...
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