Animal Farm - supporters and contributors

Topics: Animal Farm, George Orwell, Nineteen Eighty-Four Pages: 2 (746 words) Published: May 8, 2013
One obtains his/her desires due to one crucial attribute: supporters and contributors. George Orwell’s Animal Farm has one superior leader, Napoleon, and whether the animals are aware of it or not they are his adherents. Napoleon strives to be the dictator of the farm and he achieves this desire with crucial help of his benefactors. His three main followers are Squealer, Boxer, and The Dogs. One way Napoleon is supported by a farm animal is, Squealer who follows Napoleon like a tail. He spreads news about the events occurring on the farm. But, when Squealer spreads the news it is faulty and corrupt. He epitomizes The Department of Propaganda during the Russian Revolution. This name does not do Squealer justice; he is much more malevolent than the Department of Propaganda. Squealer abets Napoleon with making himself look good. Since Squealer is known to be able to “turn black into white,” he wheedles and sweet-talks the animals into believing that whatever Napoleon does is right. When Napoleon decides that it is all right for the pigs to drink alcohol, the next morning Squealer is sent to explain how Napoleon is dying, even though he is only hung-over. Later, Squealer changes the original commandment to “No animal shall drink alcohol, in excess.” Again, Squealer feeds lies to the other gullible animals. He uses this skill to make sure he has a position in the upper class with all of the other pigs. Squealer is a self-fish pig who never feels regret or guilt for what he does. He is responsible for the death of poor and innocent Boxer. Squealer fulfills his name by telling the animals lies, and erroneous information. Consequently, deprived Boxer is unintentionally supporting Napoleon because he has been duped by Squealer. Since, Boxer is not the smartest pig in the pen, he has been deceived into thinking that the hard work he does will pay off. One of his mottos is “I will work harder.” When he chants this around the barn house all the animals believe that if they...
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