Animal Farm, Satirical Dipiction of the Russian Revolution

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  • Published : May 18, 2013
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Animal Farm by George Orwell is an accurate satirical depiction of Russian society under Josef Stalin from the time of the Russian Revolution. Discuss.
Animal Farm by George Orwell is an accurate satirical depiction of Russian Society under Joseph Stalin from the time of the Russian Revolution. Orwell uses animals and exaggeration to show an important aspect of Russian history. The story clearly reflects peoples’ lives under the rule of Stalin being no different to their lives under their former ruler the Tsar. Orwell criticised the Russian Revolution because it did not achieve anything nor improve the people’s lives. He also explores human nature and the corruption of power amongst the leaders of Russia using satirical techniques.

Orwell satirised Carl Marx as an old and wise pig in Animal Farm, He gives an inspiring speech about a better life for animals if they revolt against humans just as Marx had written in his Manifesto, which inspired the Russians to revolt against the Tsar. Through Old Major’s speech Orwell shows the readers a simplified version of the basic tenets of communism which was that the capitalist economic system was seriously flawed and people could live a much better life if they worked for themselves and produced their own food. ‘Only get rid of Man, and the produce of our labour would be our own. Almost overnight we could become rich and free’. Through this simple speech Old Major shows the main idea of the revolution and how Animalism will benefit the lives of the animals on the farm.

Orwell Satirises the battle for power between the leaders of Russia after the revolution was even more brutal and fearful than the Revolution itself. Orwell satirically uses two pigs to represent the two most important leaders of Russia. Snowball was a faithful follower of Marx’ theory and was the leader of the Revolution. He is symbolic of Leon Trotsky who was a great leader of Russia and made the five-year plan for Russia that is symbolic of...
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