Animal Farm Research Paper 3

Topics: Animal Farm, Leon Trotsky, Communism Pages: 3 (1099 words) Published: September 29, 2010
Animal Farm was a good piece of literature written by George Orwell. The novel showed what happened before, during, and after the Russian Revolution. Now, it is obvious to anyone who read George Orwell’s Animal Farm that the characters (animals) are exactly like human beings in behavior, issues, and political structure.

In the beginning, we can see who the characters represent in this story. Napoleon, the black pig, represents Stalin, who was a dictator in Russia. Snowball, Napoleon’s nemesis; represents Trotsky, who was also a dictator in Russia until Stalin took over. Old Major, was the prophet of the farm, but died before the Revolution, he represented two people: Karl Marx, because he was one of the originators of communism and the Russian Revolution; and V.I. Lenin, because he had two successors; Stalin and Trotsky, exactly like Old Major, whose successors were Napoleon and Snowball. Squealer, who is Napoleon’s little mouthpiece and does Napoleon’s dirty work, represents Dr. Goebbels, who was under Hitler. The dogs that protect Napoleon represent the Secret Police of both Hitler and Stalin. In Orwell’s story, Moses, the raven, who gives the animals on the farm faith, represents the Orthodox Church. Benjamin, the oldest animal on the farm, who does not care what is going on, represents George Orwell himself in what he actually thinks about the whole Russian Revolution as a donkey. Boxer, the horse is the strongest of all but not the brightest animal on the farm represents the unthinking mass. Clover, the mare that also isn’t that bright, but is a hard worker is similar to Boxer. Mollie, the white mare could be called a reactionary or a right- deviationist. The Cat represents an individualist, and the sheep represent the mindless mass. Muriel, Bluebell, Jessie, and Pincher do not really represent anyone.

Orwell gave his characters human like behaviors in the way they act and speak. The animals reflect human behavior, because practically all the...
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