Animal Farm Power

Topics: Animal Farm, Political corruption, George Orwell Pages: 1 (405 words) Published: October 28, 2010
Power Corruption in Animal Farm
When unconstructive human qualities overcome one’s ability to govern competently, power is corrupted. In George Orwell’s Animal Farm, Napoleon, a power hunger pig, wants to survive in the midst of the farms failure, so he does all he can to survive, even if it sacrifices his civilization. Commonly, the selfishness of humans causes power to become corrupted. Napoleon is unsatisfied with his condition at Animal Farm, so in order to please his own needs he changes the “Seven Commandments”; the main basis for what Animal Farm should stand for. When Napoleon discovers an inclination of alcohol, he changes the seventh commandant from “No animal shall drink alcohol” to “No animal shall drink alcohol with excess” so that he is able to part take in drinking. When greed overcomes one’s best interest for others, power easily becomes corrupt as the power is now used for selfish acts rather than for the good of the people. Moreover, it is human nature to favour but when favourtism overrules basic equality, power is corrupted. When Old Major passes and Animal Farm is in need of a leader, Napoleon eventually takes initiative but with this initiative comes favourtism. He encourages the pigs to make arguments that explain why they need the milk and apples rather than any of the other animals. The pigs say that if they fail their duty “Jones would come back” (33). Thereupon basic survival dictates one’s behavior to act with equality. The classes of the animals were once equal but when the enemy (Jones) is defeated there is a power hunger and someone needs to take the lead. Therefore the pigs step up because they believe they are the most adequate and intelligent. Furthermore, one’s condemning human nature results in fraudulent power. As Napoleon begins to realize the animals may be turning against him, he quickly incriminates all of the animal’s hardships on Snowball, treating him as a scape goat. Napoleon questions if “[the animals] know who is...
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