Animal Farm: Plot Summary of the Film

Topics: Animal Farm, Domestic pig, Wild boar Pages: 1 (401 words) Published: March 7, 2013
Mr. Jones, the owner of Manor Farm, was not a very responsible farmer. He always drink alcohol instead of doing his farm chores. His careless attitude makes Old Major, the Berkshire boar, provoke the animals to rise up against Jones. The boar calls for a meeting to explain his dream for the farm animals. Although Old Major does not narrate the dream, he does explain the ill treatment given to them by man and the gloomy and sad life they are leading on the farm. He also inspires the animals with his song 'Beasts of England.' The inspired animals take their very first opportunity to oust Mr. Jones and rename the farm as "Animal Farm". They inscribe their laws, seven commandments, on the barn-wall. Napoleon and Snowball compete with each other for leadership. Although the two boars do not see eye to eye, they come together to dump their common enemy, Jones and his men, in The Battle of Cowshed. After the battle, the rivalry between the two leaders comes out in the open. Snowball's plan of building the windmill is declared as 'nonsense' by Napoleon. He also chases Snowball off of the farm with the help of his dogs. He then makes the windmill project as his own. |

The pigs from the ruling class are non-productive and live off the labor of the other animals. They change the commandments to fulfill their own desires. Squealer, Napoleon's henchman, tells the other animals that the rules must be changed to prevent Jones from returning to control the farm. They are terrorized into confessing whatever the authorities want and say that they have been sly with Snowball as his agents. Napoleon's reign of terror is severe and takes a cost of several animals. He tooks every chance to further his own personality. He even negotiates 'trade' with his human neighbors after setting them against each other. Frederick, a neighboring farmer, launched an attack, called the Battle of Windmill, against the animals. During the fighting, the Windmill is blown off. Reconstruction of...
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