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George Orwell (Eric Blair), whether or not one agrees with the writings or views of, was an author distinguished in his time and for all times. His work Animal Farm reserves its own spot in history as one of the greatest books and political arguments to ever appear on a shelf. Orwell, through Animal Farm, presents a simple fact in his text: One man or group of men should never be able to gain too much political leverage. If totalitarianism is used as a governing system, the future of the citizens in any nation infected with a totalitarian leader holds nothing to save for a perilous future. If the reader fails to acknowledge his point, Orwell's work Animal Farm is for naught.

George Orwell (pen name for Eric Blair) was born on June 25, 1903 in Motihari, India (, 11/17/2005). Orwell's father, an opium department civil servant, and mother were both members in the Indian Civil Service (, 11/16/2005). The following year Orwell moved with his sister and mother to England where he would receive his formal education at St. Cyprian's Prepatory School, a school Orwell expressed public discontent for, and Eaton (, 11/16/2005). It was during Orwell's college years the public began to see his writings in the form of college periodicals ( After finishing his college studies, George Orwell moved to Burma where he became a member of the Indian Imperial Police in Burma in 1922 (, 11/19/2005). Based on his experiences while in the service of the Indian Imperial Police in Burma, Orwell published a book in 1934 called Burmese Days (, 11/17/2005). Upon leaving Burma, Orwell traveled to Pairs, France in hopes to begin a journalism career (Beacham's , 2124) and soon returned to London, England to work low wage jobs and to beg while living below the poverty line; his poverty was self-inflicted (, 11/19/2005). In January of 1933 Orwell released his first novel Down and Out in Paris and London which recounted his days living at the bottom of the European social hierarch (, 11/19/2005). Though in stores Orwell's work accomplished little, Down and Out in Paris and London received praise from the likes of T.S. Eliot. The first novel of Orwell was significant in another way besides simply being his first novel: Down and Out in Paris and London was also the first novel in which Eric Blair used his pen name George Orwell, even though he never legally changed his name (Beacham's, 2124). Because Orwell's early novels were not popular is stores, he received his financial stability from his journalism career in which his first works began to appear in New Adelphi while in England in 1930 (Beacham's, 2124). During the Spanish Civil War in the 1930's, Orwell enlisted and fought in the United Workers Marxist Party Militia. While in service, Orwell received a bullet wound in the neck which ended his service career indefinitely ( However, from his experience in the Spanish Civil War emerged a great advance in Orwell's writing career. After returning to England, Orwell wrote Coming up for Air, the first book to bring commercial standing to Orwell's as a novelist. It was published in 1938 (Beacham's, 2125).

Orwell himself believed the best novels were written out of personal experience (Twentieth Century Literary Criticism, vol. 2, 497). Leading by example, many of Orwell's works (fiction and non-fiction) were written on a personal level about his life endeavors. The author George Orwell dies on January 23, 1950 of Tuberculosis (Beacham's Guide to Literature for Young Adults, vol. 5, 2125). His untimely death came just after the publication of his last (and arguably best) work, 1984 which was published in 1949 (Beacham's Guide to Literature for Young Adults, vol. 5, 2125). The legacy of Orwell lives on through his writings to the reader...
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