Animal Farm Letter To my fellow comrades

Topics: Animal Farm, Wind farm, Industrial agriculture Pages: 1 (305 words) Published: May 18, 2013
Letter: Animal Farm
To my fellow comrades,
It is with great sadness to inform you that Boxer is no longer with us. He was hard working and honest. He was loved dearly by his peers and epically by Benjamin, "I'm sorry for his passing Benjamin". Today we lost a very important member of our community. As you are aware, comrade Boxer collapsed while building the wind mill. He was struggling. In great haste we called the veterinary van to pick him up to seek treatment for him as soon as possible. He was rushed to surgery as soon as he arrived at the hospital. Boxer was put under general anaesthetic but his heart was weak and unfortunately he never woke up. I understand one of you saw a slaughter house symbol on the van but let me reassure you that the van now belongs to the vet. They have owned it since the slaughter house was closed down but they were yet to paint over it. In Boxers last few breaths he said 'long live animal farm and long live Napoleon'. In Boxers name tomorrow night I am hosting a banquet were all animals are welcome. In other news the wind mill will open next week, I will be there for the opening if anything happens to go wrong there will be strict fines and penalties for the animal responsible. We pigs have worked hard for this so we are giving ourselves a 3 week holiday. In some exciting news other farms have joined our revolution and forced the humans out of the farms, Squiler and I will be making visits to these farms to make sure that the other pigs have everything in order and to help them make a constitution similar to ours, so we can start trading with them. Yours truly

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