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Topics: Animal Farm, George Orwell, Nineteen Eighty-Four Pages: 4 (1385 words) Published: December 13, 2012
Call it a satire,a beast fable or an anthropomorphic,allegorical tale,animal farm is the story of a revolution gone sour.Written in the twentieth century by George Orwell,it mirrors the drawbacks of a totalitarian regime.Old major and the animals dream of an idealistic society built on the foundations of a utopian vision however; ironically, their dream begins to disintegrate because the ruling oligarchy of pigs become avaricious and power hungry,when appointed the responsibility of the farm.In fact,the complete novel is a great literary masterpiece of heavy irony,and George Orwell implicitly puts forth the flaws in the standards of humanity.It is true that,power corrupts but absolute power corrupts absolutely.By the fine use of Dramatic Irony,George Orwell exemplifies the kind of society where the citizens are incessantly deprived of their rights,live in false optimism and are encircled by a cloud of lies and a web of deceit.

 George Orwell draws attention to the theme of the novel which is allegorical to the period in Soviet Union under the dictatorship of Josef Stalin.Stalin conformed laws of despotism. Violence reigned over the masses to brainwash any and every notion.The people of Russia suffered miserably under his rule.Parallel to this,the plot of the narrative more or less,revolves around the aftermath of establishing a full fledged communist regime,which the author personally believes can never work smoothly in a society.Evidence from history reflects so.George Orwell reflects the nature of any human being and his perpetual greed for power. He frames gluttony.The novel is also the revelation of the passivity and the apathetic nature of just a segment of the masses.The animals had collectively vowed to stick to the seven commandments but under the authority of the pigs,the readers know that the principles were falsified conspiratorially .No one from the masses protested or rebelled.None of the animals knew that the pigs were secretly...
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