Animal Farm Essay

Topics: Animal Farm, George Orwell, Leon Trotsky Pages: 2 (858 words) Published: March 12, 2014
“How George Orwell explores the abuse of power in Animal Farm?” The Novel “Animal Farm” is written by George Orwell, and it was published in England on 17 August 1945. This novel takes the form of an allegory. The author George Orwell gives the message of Animal Farm; is that all violent revolutions which aim to and initially succeed in his charge. Power is the ability or capacity to do something or act in a particular way. Mr Jones was the owner of Animal Farm and didn’t treat the animals in a pleasant way and after Napoleon had taken charge of Animal farm and ruled as his farm. He made rules for Animal Farm. He created so many situations Here are some power situation in Animal Farm:

Mr Jones never feed the animals on time.
Napoleon made the hens to sacrifice their life’s as they laid eggs and died. Napoleon has a team of dogs that he uses to control the animals through fear. The pigs in Animal Farm became corrupted through power similar to Stalin. Snowball ran away as he betrayed everyone at the farm

The Farm name was changed to Manor Farm
All the crimes happened and No one in the farm ever knew who it was but Napoleon had always suspected Snowball. Boxer died, Napoleon threat other animals by saying I will murder you, he did murder the animals under his control. Everyone start hating Squealer as he was Napoleon’s right man, he gives the order to the animals as he is given from his boss. No one at the farm was happy under his leadership. This was when the Russian Revolution occurred because of the multiplying cases of rebellions, strikes, and war against the government. In the novel Animal Farm there were many similar events that took place. An old pig by the name of Old Major gave a very significant speech to the other animals, which spoke of a revolt against human beings. Snowball was the leader of the revolution. Napoleon, another pig, took over and ruled over the other animals. The animals were soon unable to survive. They had to rely on the humans,...
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