Animal Farm - Essay 13

Topics: Animal Farm, Marxism, Proletariat Pages: 2 (593 words) Published: April 6, 2011
Animal farm is Marixst because the state controls the truth and knowledge. For example, when the pigs slept in beds Boxer played it off by saying “Napoleon is always right” (79). The state controls what the animals feel is okay. This saying that Boxer acquired and shows exactly how Napoleon wants every animal to live by. In addition, Squealer changed the animals mind about Snowball when he broke the fake news about Snowball and said “that in reality he was trying to lure us to our doom” (90). Squealer is the bourgeoisie and manipulates the truth. This just shows how t he pigs are the state on the farm. Furthermore, Napoleon says in a barn meeting with all the animals, “Remember, comrades, there must be no alteration in our plans: they shall be carried out to the day. Forward, comrades! Long live the Wind Mill! Long live Animal Farm!” (83). this is a perfect example of how Napoleon (the state) controls the way of thinking for the animals. Napoleon is farming the animals peridigms to alter there knowledge because they are so gullible. Napoleon and the pigs took advantage of the state to dictate Animal Farm.

Animal Farm is Marxist because the clash of the bourgeoisie and proletariat. For example, after the pigs sold Boxer “word went round that from somewhere or the pigs had acquired the money to buy themselves another case of whisky” (126). This is a privilege that the pigs only gave themselves. This shows how the pigs treated the other animals like a lower proletariat class. In addition, when Old Major questions the animals in his last speech “Is it not crystal clear, then, comrades, that all the evils of the life of our spring from the tyranny of human beings?” (30). This is an example of when the humans are the bourgeoisie the conflict that is between humans and animals. The first rebellion of the proletariats was against the humans in the beginning of the novel. Furthermore, when Napoleon was giving a work he proposed “this work was strictly voluntary, but any...
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