Animal Farm Cons

Topics: English-language films, Dictatorship, Dictator Pages: 1 (424 words) Published: October 10, 2010
In a society with no leaders, it can be good because it really is based on the people, instead of someone who thinks they know best for everyone. People can contribute more to decisions made for the colony than following orders from one person or animal. In animal farm, after Mr. Jones was ran off the farm, it was as if another dictator just took place of a fallen dictator. This is bad because then only one person is in power and whatever they say goes, which can affect the people greatly. In a society where the people rule, it would be better so everyone who has to live in the town or colony gets to help with making rules and regulations the people need to follow. It is also useful so when something needs to be overthrown, like a bad law, it is not only the dictator’s decision, but the whole colony of people. Having a society with equal rights to everyone resembles a normal democracy setting government because the powers and rights each person has are equally divided amongst the people so everyone has a say in it. If everyone is equal, no one can slack off and force other animals to do their work. This is how old major imagined and dreamed it before he died. But after he died, the pigs turned the farm into a dictatorship starting at the battle of cowshed. The idea of splitting powers into branches of people all around the world has proven a better way of government than most dictatorships around the world because most have failed in the past. This is why having only one person in power is a bad idea, like in the book. When having key leaders, there will be a chance that they will grow mad with power and make the people live even worse than the living conditions may already be. When powers are split amongst people, there is not much worry when it comes to getting greedy with power because everyone has equal rights as the other person. Having a dictatorship like Napoleon started can be a society’s downfall because one wrong decision made by the dictator, and the...
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