Animal Farm Character Journal

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chapter 1
Old major’s speech aroused the whole animal farm, and got everyone thinking. I, as well as my colleagues found his speech to be very motivational, and a real eye opener. I now see how badly we are being treated by our farmer Mr. Jones. Old major always gets the animals to listen up even before he begins to speak; I suppose it’s because he always has something very meaningful and important to say. Right before old major’s speech everyone knew to get comfortable and begins to listen attentively, for this would be a long and meaningful speech. Old major made many great points throughout his speech; for starters he points out that our lives are miserable, laborious, and short, this of course is caused by our farmer, Mr. Jones. Then we decided as a union that we would oppose all humans and be in alliance with animals with four legs, thus the rule, “four legs comrades, two legs enemies.” Old major then introduced the song, ‘the beasts of England”, which became our anthem, and which everyone enjoyed singing including myself. The uproar of our loud excitement awoke Mr. Jones, and he rudely bombarded the barn, where we all quickly and quietly fled to our own sleeping places. Until next time,


Chapter 2
Old major passed due to old age in his sleep, and since then the more intelligent animals such as me have taken his speech to heart and have a new outlook in life. I was appointed one of the so called “leaders” I suppose due to my leadership skills, my good speaking, and my idealistic. We formed a system based on old majors system of thought called animalism. Unfortunately some of the animals were not open to the rebellion, and loyal to Mr. Jones. After the rebellion napoleon and I were the leaders to emerge from the rebellion. We turned the farm house into a place of meeting about and for the rebellion. For three months now we pigs, have been trying to persuade the rest of the animals to join the rebellion. I think it’s just a matter of time before they give into my clever persuading techniques, and join in the rebellion. Once most of the animals with the exception of a few, I began to come up with a list of must be obeyed laws, if you will, called the seven commandments. The first commandment read whatever goes upon two legs is an enemy. The second read whatever goes upon four legs or has wings is a friend. The third read no animal shall wear clothes. The fourth read no animal shall sleep in a bed. The fifth read no animal shall drink alcohol. The sixth read no animal shall kill any other animal. The seventh read all animals are equal; with these commandments, started the rebellion. Now it seemed almost as if the rest of the animals were doing if not more but double of their daily work.

Until next time,

Chapter 3
Now that the rebellion was in full swing the rest of the animals seem to be working harder with contentment, I’m sure they know feel like they are no longer ruled by Mr. Jones. We all did everything for ourselves, the pigs of course including myself, just supervised because we were the best directors. We all worked to the best of our abilities and with no complaints. The only animal that seems to rebel the revolution was Bingaman the old donkey. The pig and I don’t like him very much. The only thing he would say toward the rebellion was, “Donkeys live a loge life”. The beast of England was sung every afternoon. We have set the harness room as a meeting place for the pigs and me. I organized the animals into what I call the animal committee. The re-education committee was more successful than the animal committee. We had the animals learn the first couple letters of the alphabet but the pigs knew all the letters, because we are a more advanced race. Animals began to question where the milk went so we has squealer explain how the milk and apples were mixed in with our mash because most of the animals didn’t even like...
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