Animal Farm Character Investigation

Topics: Animal Farm, George Orwell, Fiction Pages: 2 (709 words) Published: October 14, 2008
A fairytale is a fictional story that generally has fictional characters; fairytales explore the struggle between good and evil. The novel animal farm is not a fairytale as such but is very similar in the way that it explores the rivalries of many metaphorical characters some good and some evil. Probably the most notable rivalry from the novel was the rivalry between Snowball and Napoleon, the two of them would never agree on anything and both wanted the farm to be under their rule. George Orwell designed the rivalry between napoleon and snowball to represent the rivalry between Stalin and Trotsky.

Snowball was a brilliant leader all he wanted was in the best interests of the farm. At the battle of the cowshed Snowball took charge and made sure the humans were driven away, Snowball educated the other animals, he believed in equality amongst all animals and he was planning to build a farm that would be successful, he had learned from Jones’s mistakes in the past and knew exactly what was best for the animals. As smart as Snowball was he couldn’t compare with Napoleon, Napoleon had a sidekick called Squealer his job was to criticize everything Snowball did and bring him down.

Napoleon was a power hungry dictator who had a reputation for getting his own way. His methods of ruling were strict and often cruel. After Old Major had passed away Napoleon took it upon himself to become leader of animal farm alongside Snowball. Napoleon was much smarter than the other animals on the farm and used this to his advantage, he made them believe lies and he used all their weaknesses and strengths to his advantage. He had Snowball driven out of the farm by telling the animals lies and using the dogs to chase him away, he made them believe that Snowball was an enemy. Napoleons power and ability to manipulate dominated animal farm in all aspects including all their rights, when they did things, how they did things, what things they did and what things they said.

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