Animal Farm by George Orwell-Explain How Orwell Uses Propaganda and Persuasion in the Book

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  • Published : May 12, 2013
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Animal Farm Essay
By Adityaa Gupta

The novella “Animal Farm” allegorically represents the Russian Revolution. The theme of the novella is how did Napoleon and the pigs used persuasion and propaganda to control all the animals. Joseph Stalin went crazy with all the power he had and he was the reason for the revolution. The novella is about how animals revolt with their master and go against him and throw him out of his own farm. The pigs take advantage of this situation and take control over the farm and make the Manor Farm worse than it used to be before. Old Major, allegorically representing Karl Marx, is the main pig that makes the animals realize what pathetic lives they have. In chapter 1, Orwell briefly describes how ill-treating and uncaring Mr. Jones, allegorically representing Tsar Nicolas 2,is. Old Major makes the animals realize all the brutality done to them. It was his speech that made the animals rebel against Mr. Jones. He used quotes like “…our lives are miserable, laborious and short.” He used the List of three to bring in the persuasion in his speech. He used the Narrative style of language in his speech, fast, emotional and direct. He tells the animals”…we are slaughtered with hideous cruelty”. He has used an emotive verb here to represent his point of view. He also uses a lot of repetition in his speech like “No animal in England knows the …England is free.” This is also a Persuasive Technique used by Old Major. He used all these techniques to indicate their common enemy, Man. He used a Hyperbole in the quote “No, comrades, a thousand times no!” He uses this Persuasion Technique to change the mindset of the animals for Mr. Jones. He wanted the animals to forget about the loyalty for Mr. Jones and see what he is giving in return for that, which was nothing but hard work. He also used a lot of slogans like “All men are enemies. All animals are comrades”. He also made all the animals sing a song, Beats of England. It was easy to remember and...
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