Animal Farm by George Orwell: an Inspiration to Be Great Like Snowball

Topics: Animal Farm, Rebellion Developments, English-language films Pages: 1 (380 words) Published: December 8, 2012
Dear diary,
In the times since I last wrote snowball and napoleon have been sending pigeons out to the surrounding farms in town telling them about the rebellion and its superb success. I cannot explain how well things have been going on at the farm! The pigeons have even told us that the song 'beasts of England' is being sung far and wide by all animals! But I have a feeling this unsettled the surrounding farmers because today the unthinkable happened. On our peaceful October day Mr.Jones, all his men, and half a dozen other men all came to the farm today to try and reclaim animal farm. I knew he would never succeed with our master plans for this exact situation; none of us pigs were startled in the least. All of his men were walking with big sticks but Mr. Jones carried a gun! At first snowball had sent the geese and pigeons, then snowball Muriel and the sheep attack ’no one remembers but I was with snowball in the initial skirmish’. As the fight carried on we ended by the cowshed after all the men had given up. But we all realized after the fight that boxer had killed a guy! But it turned out he actually was just laying down after boxer gave him a good kick during the fight.

After all the excitement with the fight we found Mollie hiding, apparently she ran off when the gun shot. I don’t like her she seems resentful to the rebellion and not committed to animalism she seems to be a problem cause of her human ties.

Whenever all was said and done we raised the flag and sung beasts of England to celebrate the battle of cow shed. All though we won the battle we lost a sheep when the gun went off we have decided to award the dead sheep with “animal hero, second class”. And for snowball with her amazing bravery during the fight we all decided she deserved “animal hero, first class” I hope I’m as amazing as snowball one day. Today I learned if I ever wanna be as great as my idol snowball I’ll have to work hard to be as brave and vivacious as her....
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