“Animal Farm”, by George Orwell

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  • Published : May 2, 2013
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“Animal Farm”, by George Orwell, is an allegorical novella based on the Russian Revolution. It is a story where animals on the farm begin a revolution in order to be treated equally. They exile the farmer to be free of his control so that the working class animals could benefit from their labour. However, the pigs took over the farm and, before too long, the farm returned to its original form, controlled by a “human-like” dictator. “Animal Farm” foregrounds many different themes associated with the theme of corruption such as inequality, betrayal and greed. These themes are all related to society and Orwell has expressed these themes by the use of the characters and events in the novel.

One of the themes in the novel is inequality. This theme symbolises the Russian Revolution and society in general. This is shown by the example of the animals,” In these days Napoleon rarely appeared in public, but spent all his time in farmhouse”. This shows that through the year, Napoleon spent all his time in farmhouse and did not work as much as the other animals did. The other animals were working like slaves not the pigs. The pigs believed themselves to be the managers and organisers of the farm; they did not sacrifice themselves as much as the other animals did for their society. At the end of the novel, the pigs changed the seventh commandment from “No animal shall kill any other animals” to “No animal shall kill any other animals without cause” (pg61). Napoleon is corrupted by his desire for power, just like Joseph Stalin who was the leader of the Russian Revolution. The revolution in Russia and in “Animal Farm” was to make democracy, however a new leader appears and the leader either kills or exiles someone who has an opinion against them. This is not democracy and shows inequality in Animal Farm and the Russian Revolution. The reader is positioned to understand and feel empathy for the hard working “animals” during the Russian Revolution. Through the use of the...
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