Animal Farm Assignment

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  • Published : April 26, 2012
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Animal Farm Assignment

“Absolute power corrupts absolutely.” When one person comes across too much power, they will become corrupt no matter what. In the novel Animal Farm, the pig, Napoleon, represented a dictator who had gained too much power and became corrupt. Stain is also an example of this. “Absolute power corrupts absolutely,” is a statement that can be seen as true, in both Stain as well as Napoleon from Orwell’s Animal Farm. Many authors construct themes through their novels to deliver their personal point of view on a particular matter occurring within society. Animal Farm was written to be focused on the story of rebelling animals. However, it both constructs and reinforces many themes.

The novel ‘Animal Farm’ is centralised among the story of the animals that live on Manor Farm, where their cruel master Mr. Jones dictates them. Under the inspiration of a pig named Old Major, the animals rebel against Mr. Jones and overthrow him. They decide to construct their own farm, which they plan to be a utopia where ‘all animals are equal’. However, after the death of Old Major corruption arises and many of the animals, who are lacking intelligence, live in a state of oblivion. Although ‘Animal Farm’ is under the disguise of a fable about domestic animals, it is also allegorical of the events of the Russian Revolution.

When the animals of Animal Farm took over there main beliefs were based on their made up commandments called Animalism. The beliefs derived from this law were that "man is our enemy", "all animals are comrades", "do not become like man", and "no animal should be more powerful then another". These views were from Old Major, who had given a speech to stir the animals into rebellion. Old Major's dream was for the earth to be run by animals. When Old Major died, Snowball, Napoleon, and Squealer replaced him. At first things started off pretty well the harvest was very good the first year and the reading and writing system had helped...
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