Animal Farm - Andrew Melville

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  • Published : April 11, 2013
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Andrew Melville
Honors English 11
Ms. Serzan
03 December 2012
Animal Farm Study Guide
Chapter 1
1. The pigs and dogs sit in the front row. The other animals arrange themselves behind the pigs and dogs. In the future the pigs will be in charge, and the dogs will guard the pigs. 2. The commandments are:

a. No animal is ever to live in a house.
b. No animal is ever to sleep in a bed.
c. No animal is ever to wear clothes.
d. No animal is ever to drink alcohol.
e. No animal is ever to smoke tobacco.
f. No animal is ever to touch money.
g. No animal is ever to engage in trade.
h. No animal is ever to tyrannize his own kind.
i. No animal must ever kill any other animal.
j. All animals are equal
3. Man is the only real enemy, they are the only animal who produce nothing, but consume everything what animals produce. Get rid of man and all of the animals' problems will be solved. Chapter 2

1. Led by the pigs, especially Napoleon and Snowball, the animals meet secretly for three months and learn the new system of thought called Animalism. 2. If the animals believe a fantastic world of ease and plenty awaits them when they die, they will not be as eager to rebel against the life they currently live. 3. The farm has fallen on hard times due to Mr. Jones drinking problem. When Mr. Jones gets drunk and neither he nor his men feed the animals on Saturday or Sunday, the animals break into the feed storage shed. They attack the men when they come with whips to drive the animals away from the food. 4. Snowball busies himself forming committees to solve real and imagined problems. The pigs try to teach the other animals how to read and write, with unsatisfactory results. Chapter 3&4

1. The pigs only direct and supervise; they do no actual work. No one but the pigs puts forth any resolutions at the meetings. Snowball busies himself forming committees to solve real and imagined...
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