Animal Farm and the Russian Revolution 1

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  • Published : October 30, 2011
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The novel Animal Farm was written by George Orwell as a way to parallel the political characters and other factors that contributed to the Russian Revolution with animal characters and life on the farm. The novel depicts many events that happened during the Russian Revolution using symbolism. The beginning of the Animal Rebellion mirrors the starting of the Russian Revolution. The pigs on Animal Farm represent the Russian Soviet government, with Napoleon resembling Stalin, the deceitful political leader of Russia during the revolution. Squealer’s use of propaganda is based on the use of manipulation of information by Stalin’s Russian newspaper Pravda. Snowball is a parallel for Leon Trotsky as both were exiled from the Revolution.

Napoleon is directly modeled after Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin, an immoral political leader who manipulated to gain power. From the beginning of the novel the reader can observe how Napoleon never shows interest in the development and advancement of Animal Farm. He only shows interest in the strength of his power over it. Joseph Stalin, whom Napoleon was modeled after, was leader of the Soviet Union during the Russian Revolution. He was devious, manipulative and corrupted the Russian army with false statements that led the army to publically prosecute officers and peasants whom he considered guilty of treason. Stalin also ordered the burning of villages in order to intimidate the peasants.

Napoleon exemplifies one of the worst political tyrants in history, as he performed acts in the novel similar to those of Stalin’s. Napoleon trains a litter of puppies that eventually become his own private army. Because they are trained under him, he can manipulate the ferocious grown dogs to obey his every command. Like Stalin did before him, Napoleon had animals lower than him prosecuted by his private army of dogs for the entire farm to see. In the book the less intelligent and more naïve animals symbolize the peasant working class of...
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