Animal Farm

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  • Published : October 11, 2011
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Animal Farm Questions for Discussion:

o What are the main ideas expressed in Major’s speech?

o What indications does Orwell give in this chapter that indicate the pigs may be superior to the other animals?

o What is the immediate cause of the Rebellion?

o What are the immediate results of the Rebellion?

o What are the Seven Commandments?

o How does Napoleon deal with “the education of the young”? What is the allegorical significance of this: who is Orwell satirizing through in this situation?

o Who are Mr. Pilkington and Mr. Frederick and who do you think they represent historically?

o How did the lives of the animals become more difficult in the beginning of Chapter VI?

o How do conditions on the farm under Napoleon’s leadership compare to when Jones was the owner?

o How does Napoleon deal with the Mutiny of the Hens and what are the results? How does this affect the rest of the animal community?

o What “news” does Squealer reveal about Snowball and the Battle of the Cowshed, and what is Boxer’s reaction? What does this say about memory control under totalitarian regimes?

o What is Clover’s reaction to the violent events?

o What other confessions are made by animals in this chapter and what are the results?

o Why does Squealer tell the animals that Napoleon is dying?

o What is a “Spontaneous Demonstration”? How is Orwell satirizing the practices of totalitarian regimes?

o What is the new slogan learned by the sheep and why?

o What happens to the Seven Commandments?

o What causes the fight between Napoleon and Pilkington? What is the political statement Orwell is making here about the loyalty between allies?
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