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Topics: Animal Farm, Soviet Union, Vladimir Lenin Pages: 3 (870 words) Published: August 25, 2012
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Prompt: Comparative essay for novel and movie of Animal Farm.
Animal Farm is an allegorical satire written by George Orwell. A movie was adapted from the novel in 1954. The movie is animated, and depicts events in the novel in good fashion. In addition, they both criticize the corruption of Russian Revolution by portraying events from the revolution. There are many similarities of the novel and film, but there are also differences. There are many similarities and differences in the plot especially.

One difference between the book and the movie is Old Major’s death. In the movie, Old Major died while he was giving his speech in the barn. However, in the novel there was a short time period between the time he gave the speech, and the time he passed away. Although, the time of which he died was different, in both cases, he died the same way. The cause of death in both cases was old age.

Another factor that is different in the novel and the movie is Mollie the Horse. She is not portrayed in the movie, while she is in the novel. In the novel, Mollie plays a somewhat significant role. However, in the movie she is non-existent as a matter of fact. She is known for her laid back attitude and love for ribbons in the novel. It was very peculiar to see she was not included in the movie.

The ending of the movie and novel are different as well. For instance, when the animals see the pigs’ resemblance to the humans in the movie, they charge into the house. They rebel against Napoleon, as they have seen what he has turned into. However, in the novel, they just watch in awe, because they didn’t expect that to occur. The blending of the pigs in the window in the novel and movie were the same, but the movie took the concept to another level.

The major difference between the novel and the movie is that rather than the animals speaking in the novel, a narrator told the story in the novel. In the movie,...
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