Animal Farm

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  • Published : May 29, 2013
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| | |Animal Farm | |George Orwell |


|Character |Characteristics/ actions/ purpose | |Old major |Gets the revolution started , inspires hope | | |For real change. | |Snowball |He represents Trosky :leader of the October Revolution He is | | |smart, an excellent speaker and an idealist. | |Napoleon |Stalin. Cruel, and selfish, he uses the dogs, Moises and | | |Squealer to control animals. | |Squealer |Propaganda. Department of Lenin’s government. | |Mr Jones | Tsar. He represents the tyrant and the one who causes animals’| | |poor living conditions. | |Moises the raven |Religion He represents hope for the oppressed animals. | |The dogs |The secret police. Totally loyal to the leaders. | |Mollie |Represents the selfih and vain people in Russia | |Boxer and clover |Represent the toiling mass in Russia .They believe in the | | |revolution and were great supporters. They stay loyal to the | | |revolution and their leaders and they are betrayed. | |Benjamin |Represents sceptic people in Russia, who even realizing that | | |not everything goes well, they still don’t want to meddle in | | |political affairs. |

| The ducklings, the hens and the sheep |Represent the more ignorant and less intelligent people in | | |Russia. | |The pigeons |Represents the communication that was sent to other countries | | |behind the curtain wall in the communist Russia | |Muriel |The goat is intelligent and is able to read to the more | | |illiterate animals. |

2) The pigs explain the animals that they had succeeded in reducing the principles of animalism in seven commandments for the benefit of the rest of the animals so that the principles of animalism would be understood by all the animals. I believe that the less intelligent animals were grateful...
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