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Animal Farm, a novel by George Orwell, is an allegory based on the events and results of the Russian Revolution. The outcomes of Stalinist Russia inspired him to write this novel, in which he describes the drawbacks of communism and Russia in a satirical format. As in the actual Russian Revolution, both the leaders and the followers in Animal Farm act in ways that destroy freedom and equality in the farm. A prime example of this is that of Napoleon, the totalitarian dictator pig of the farm, and Boxer, the ignorant, strong and loyal workhorse of the farm. The ignorance of Boxer, and his two motto's "Napoleon is always right," and "I will work harder" lead Napoleon to take advantage of him and the other animals in many ways, such as making the dogs attack him, and eventually killing him off.

The point George Orwell was trying to make in this book was that the blindly loyal followers of a regime or government are not helping their common people, but simply giving the government another slave to use to achieve their goals. This was illustrated in Animal Farm when Boxer would work even longer hours on the windmill, just to work harder. Eventually, he even started getting up an hour earlier than the rest of the animals, just to put in that extra effort and go the extra mile. Napoleon saw this and easily took advantage of him, and the rest of the animals through him. Through this way, he was able to alter the laws of Animal Farm and gain total and complete control of all the animals. Eventually, the farm becomes just as bad as it was in Mr. Jones', who represents the old czar, time and even worse by the end. But the animals blindly bear through it, manipulated by Napoleon and his propaganda spreader, Squealer. The animals, or the common people in the Russian Revolution, don't think for themselves and just do as they are told. This hurts them even more, because as they do what they are told, the pigs become even greedier and ask them to do more and more. The pigs...

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