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Animal Experimentation: What it really is
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Prof. Mildred Sierra

University of Puerto Rico at Bayamon
May, 2013

Animal Experimentation: What it really is
Did you know your safety equals animal harm? In order to provide humans with information and security the process of animal experimentation began. Animal testing is one of the most disturbing experiments ever done; yet, many cosmetics and personal care products are made every day and are being distributed into the market after going thru this process. According to the journal titled Animal Testing by Hoffman, J (1994) "...these products have gone through a long and complex testing process that leaves millions of animals mutilated, burned, poisoned and gassed in outmoded and unnecessary tests." Even though the problem still surrounds us, part of it has evolved: more companies against it, new non-harming methods of animal testing and laws protecting animal rights. Many popular companies are involved in such horrifying techniques of experimentation. Each year, millions of animals are subjected, alive, into countless painful tests and experiments to determine the safety of cosmetics, personal and cleaning care. Shaving foams, shampoos and toothpastes are pressed into the stomach of animals; inhale hairsprays, unstable substances are sprayed on the skin and eyes (test 'Draize'). Other tests, such as the lethal dose (LD50), cause terrible suffering. Sometimes these experiments are hidden behind legends such as "clinically tested" or "dermatologically tested". Some examples of experiments to ensure safety of distributed product on the market are, in the case of shaving foam, pressing it into the stomach of animals expecting a reaction from the intestine. Besides this, when it comes to hairspray, they let animals inhale the substances until reaching a point of coma. Other methods such as animals being forced to ingest shampoo, subtend an amount of concentrated shampoo in the eyes, ingest toothpaste, introduce eye shadow into the eyes till total blindness are also deadly methods used on animals by large companies in order to “benefit humans” in the moment of buying the product. According to the article titled The State of Animal Testing written by Buchan, H A few years ago, the British Union Against Vivisection Abolition released details of an experiment conducted by the company at the University of Columbia in which guinea pigs were enclosed in small plastic tubes and are applied a solution strong sulfide for four hours a day for three days, causing the skin of the animals tear and bled. Many other unions against animal experimentation have tried to stop large companies of performing animal testing. Large corporations such as Unilever, Procter & Gamble, Colgate-Palmolive, Reckitt Benckiser and Johnson & Johnson are among the leading companies that animal testing. They all perform or commission animal tests at some point during production. The company Chemistry, Cosmetics and Balanced is one of the leading players worldwide in the sale of detergents. The same is present in 140 countries and markets more than 300 brands, mostly the area of ​​grooming and personal care. Among some of the highlights companies, Iams / Eukanuba, balanced food for animals, bought by Procter & Gamble in September 1999 added to the animal testing practices performing Procter & Gamble, sterile and macabre experiments in animals to death. In result, the October 22, 2003, article titled "Procter & Gamble HUNTED" by BUAV reveals that Procter & Gamble has been pushing aggressively active and decision makers in the European Union to reduce the impact of any European “ban animal testing” in order to continue with their activities of animal experimentation. Besides this, the British newspaper The Independent, revealed on April 11, 2002 that Procter & Gamble had...
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