Animal Ethics 3

Topics: Animal rights, Religion, Animal welfare Pages: 4 (1424 words) Published: March 1, 2008
Animal Ethics
Freedom from dehydration, hunger, and malnutrition is ethical. The right to be free of discomfort caused by environmental factors is ethical. To live without pain, injury, and disease is ethical. To live in freedom without fear and distress is what animal ethics are about, and us as humans can help to enforce this by setting laws that benefit animal rights (Sztybel, 1998, pp.130-132). Animal ethics are created for animal protection or human advancement? As a society we create laws to protect animals, and we punish those who break the laws that are created. But are these laws created to benefit animal rights or the pleasures of human society. We as humans need to look at the way society treats animals, and what we believe is fair in the treatment of animals. Animal ethics are created for animal rights, so we need to make sure all animals are treated equally no matter what environment they may be from. Animals are used in experiments for the medical advancement of human society (Animal experimentation, 2007). Many of these experiments are needed to help doctors and scientist with the advancement of medicine used to cure many illnesses humans encounter. We depend on the results from these experiments to give our society hope in the fight to find cures for these life threatening diseases. While we keep our focus on the outcome of the test and results of these experiments, how much pain and suffering is involved on these animals that are used to give us the answers to life or sometimes death. Animals have been used for all types of experiments which result in long-term and short-term pain and suffering. These animals' develop diseases that are not curable, and they will eventually die from them. The sad thing is that these animals are perfectly healthy when going into these experiments that can cause life threatening results for a lot of these animals. Some animals live longer than others, but most of them live in pain for the remainder of their lives....
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