Animal Defenses

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nimal Defenses


AnimAl BehAvior t
Animal Communication Animal Courtship Animal Defenses Animal Hunting and Feeding Animal Life in Groups Animal Migration

ChristinA WilsDon


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Avoiding Danger
A cheetAh skulks through the tall grass of the African savannah. Head lowered, she stares intently at a herd of gazelles. Her spotted coat blends in with the dry grass, making her nearly invisible as she sneaks up on her prey. The gazelles continue to graze. Between bites of grass, each one snaps up its head to check out its surroundings. Bright eyes scan the horizon. Ears swivel to pick up the slightest sound. Nostrils flare to sniff for the scent of a cheetah, lion, or other hungry predator. Suddenly, a few gazelles snort and stamp their feet. The entire herd goes on high alert. The black bands that run down the gazelles’ sides quiver, passing along the message: “Danger!” Then, some of the gazelles begin bouncing as if on pogo sticks. They spring high in the air with their backs arched and legs stiff. They land on all fours, and then leap again. The cheetah pauses. The gazelles have seen her. It is impossible to launch a surprise attack now. The cheetah depends on one short-lived, startling burst of speed to chase down a gazelle. The gazelles, however, also run fast, hitting speeds of up to 40 miles (64 km) an hour—and they can keep up this speed much longer


AnimAl deFenses

This female springbok, a kind of antelope, bounces into the air with an arched back and stiff legs. This motion is called stotting or pronking. Springbok typically use it to show predators that they are fi t and hard to catch. Research shows that cheetahs often avoid hunting stotting springbok.

than a cheetah can. Their odd jumping behavior, called stotting, signals to the cheetah, “We have seen you, so do not bother to chase us—we are strong and healthy and can outrun you.” If the cheetah is lucky, perhaps she will find a gazelle fawn hidden in the grass. However, the fawns have tawny coats and can lie still as a stone for a long...
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