Animal Cruelty, a Nationwide Problem

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  • Published : September 1, 2012
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Cruelty means inflicting pain and causing suffering. Animal cruelty is a nationwide problem rapidly growing in today’s society. Animals are being beaten and starved every day and millions of helpless animals die each year because of heartless owners. There are many forms of animal cruelty some of the most common are abandonment and mistreatment. People are too concerned with themselves to think about their pets; therefore many pets suffer from the lack and attentiveness of their owner. Truthfully no animal deserves that kind of treatment. What if it was your pet they were abusing? How would you react? It is inhumane to make a living creature suffer and yet when the going gets tough it is suddenly ok to torture one of Gods creatures. Everyone should think very seriously before deciding whether or not to have a pet. But picture this: A recent article in the Sydney Morning Herald stated that: a man in the Sydney suburbs of Arndell Park was arrested after suspicion of cooking and eating cats. He was charged with animal cruelty and using pet or domesticated animals for food, after neighbours heard screeching they called the police. A search of the house was conducted and evidence was found that the man had intentions of using his 2 cats for food. Investigators say that they have never seen anything like it. If you were and animal how would you want to be treated?

The second most common form of animal cruelty is mistreatment. Over 300, 000 animals are tossed out onto the street each year. Already they have been through more than what most people experience in a life time. A number of people make a number of silly excuses for mistreating their pets such as saying: it was too big, too loud, and too hairy but the most common one is – it needed to be trained. So they take the easy way out and dump it somewhere. an example

Animal cruelty is a big problem in today’s world but it is a fixable one. All it takes is a little thought and our society could put an end to the...
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