Animal Cruelty: Dog Fighting

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  • Published : October 30, 2010
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Animal Cruelty: Dog Fighting
Sherry LaFace
COM 220: Research Writing
January 23, 2010
Erin Fagan

Dog fighting is a very cruel thing, and it is happening right under our noses. It is illegal to fight a dog in all fifty states. By being an observer at a dog fight, it is against the law in forty-seven states. So why do people continue this cruel practice? The answer seems to be money. Some people who breed dogs for fighting can sell their puppies for up to two thousand dollars. Even though fighting dogs is making money, it is cruel since pain is inflicted on the dogs; the ASPCA and the Humane Society are trying to prevent this with proper training. Some people might ask, “What is dog fighting?” The definition of dog fighting is: a prohibited fight in which two dogs, more often than not of a Pit Bull breed, are put into an enclosed pit for the sole intention of attacking and quite often killing each other. provided by Pitbullsontheweb These animals were the involuntary sufferers of mistreatment for blood games since early Roman times. These dogs fought against others in the Coliseum. The purpose of fighting dogs against other animals was nonstop through the medieval period in England, until it was banned in 1835. Thus, the Humane Act of 1835 became a law. Even though there are chronological accounts of dog fights going back to the 1750s, familiar goings-on emerged after the Civil War, with expert pits proliferating in the 1860s, regularly in the Northeast. Despite the fact that frequent laws were approved banning this horrific activity, dog fighting continues to increase throughout today. There is a remark that dogmen, or the men that fight dogs, use to describe a dog’s enthusiasm to fight, it is called “Gameness.” It is a trait that is for the most part all the rage in fighting dogs. Great consideration is paid to males and females that have the ambition to fight, and more importantly, are able to pass this power on to their puppies. In fact, the owner of a dog who has won five fights can sell the dog’s pups for a great amount of money. A serious dog fighter is as well-known with the bloodlines of their dogs as any horse racing enthusiast is of Triple Crown champions. Bets placed in the thousands are typical during dog fighting. Not only is the betting of the fights going on, there is typically some type of illegal money being made. Illegal drugs and firearms can be found at any time during a dog fight, thus the money factor comes into play. The people that are fighting the dogs and the spectators watching the fighting are making some kind of money, be it betting on the fights or buying and selling drugs or guns.

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The Pit Bull, the breed that is used for fighting, is actually a cross between the Staffordshire terrier and the English bull dog. These dogs were bred to show aggression towards bulls, bears, and other outsized animals in the region of the face and head. The dogs were taught to hang on and not release their hold, until the animal was worn out from the thrashing that they received. The training techniques that the dogmen used intentionally inflicted pain on the dogs. The dogs are often taught to run for conditioning. Doing this the dogs are often trying to catch a smaller aminal that is just out of their reach. Fighting dogs are also subject to having large chains and weights placed around their necks, to build upper body strength and neck muscles. Teaser dogs or bait dogs, dogs that are smaller in size and strength, are also used in the training process. These enticement dogs are often pets that are taken from neighborhoods or communities. They are used simply for training, and are usually killed in the process. Pit bulls that have no desire to fight are also used as bait dogs. Dogs are trained together with older, more skilled dogs before they are able to fight. Early on stages of...
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