Animal Cruelty: Burned Dogs

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  • Published : February 18, 2013
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Animal Cruelty
It was one late afternoon on a hot muggy Sunday and the sun had not completely gone down. While I was standing in the kitchen cooking, a special report came across my 32” Vizio black flat screen TV about animal abuse that had taken place three blocks down the street from my residence.

After cooking Sunday dinner, I asked my brother Sammy to go pour out a half filled skillet of hot scalding grease that was left in the frying pan from frying some big crispy golden brown chicken wings that I purchased from Wal-Mart. Sammy walked out the back door to do as I asked of him. While gathering my three bad knuckle head children together for dinner, I couldn’t help but notice it was taking Sammy a long time to pour that scalding chicken grease out.

All of a sudden I heard some loud disturbing, barking, and growling sounds. I rushed to the back door to see if I could spot Sammy and to hear which direction the barking was coming from. Surely the noise was coming from down the hill, to the right, behind the pine trees where my two grey and white polka dot pit bulls live. I saw Sammy walking towards me at a fast pace from the direction of the noise as if he was trying to distance himself from something. Sammy, my youngest, not so bright, brother, seemed a little fidgety. After the constant and unusual barking from my dogs, I became curious to see what was wrong with them. I then ran down the hill to see what was wrong with my babies.

When I arrived at the dog pin I observed both pit bulls over in the right corner of the pin still barking, growling, and whining. I discovered that the female dog whose name is Sasha had been burned extremely bad from the top of her neck down to her knubbed white tail. Her hair was completely burned away. Sasha blistered just that fast. I could see her veins and the discoloration due to the severe burn. I could see Sasha trembling while she inhaled and exhaled with tears in her eyes, lieing there on that red...
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