Animal Cruelty

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Itzel pelayo
May 1, 2013

Animal cruelty is not something that should be taken lightly because it is a very serious issue in our society today. It should be taken with complete seriousness. Although many people believe there are many other issues to worry about in our society this is also very important because it shows what kind of people we are. Begin to have an open mind with this topic although it may be in the least of one’s concerns. Animal abuse takes place every day in or out of a home. Whether it’s a close neighbors animal or just a random abandoned one which was left un cared for. Animals in this world are important enough to be treated with respect and carefulness because they play such a big role in our society. Animals are man’s best friend, whether a dog, cat, chicken, snake or rabbit they should all be treated as humans. Animals help certain people fill a void they might have in life or even just be a friend to pass the time with. They are very important and should be treated so.

Also if we stand up for an animal that we believe is being harmed that makes one a better person but not just as a single but as a whole. If every person helped stop animal cruelty our society would be a better place because it would show that we, as Americans, do care about other things than just ourselves. All it takes is one person to change how we treat animals. Maybe one will think that just one helping a single animal wouldn’t change anything but it does because that animal you helped has a big impact in this world. You may think not but it does.
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