Animal Cruelty

Topics: Cruelty to animals, The Animals, Abuse Pages: 2 (327 words) Published: March 7, 2013
Some people find it fun to torture animals.
Animals getting tortured.
Animals getting tested for drugs that humans take.
Dogs all around the world with no homes.

All over the world we see stray animals wondering in alleys without a place to call home? Have you ever thought about how animals feel when they get slaughtered? You know everyone has feelings as well as those poor animals that get slaughtered because their owners feel like it, or even for fun sometimes. My thoughts are that animal cruelty should be banned everywhere!

Firstly, You have maybe seen those videos on the news or all over the internet about those dogs getting burnt? Or even dogs getting lost and run over. Yeah, that’s animal cruelty, selfish people not taking care of the pets, letting them go without food for days. There is a lot of people out there that find killing animals is fun.

Animals getting tested for these new medicines that humans are going to take in the future. How stupid is that! Scientists are killing poor innocent animals, first of all the scientists go and get the animals that no one buys or just dogs that have been in there to long, then take them to the animal testing. So many chemicals are put into these animals body and you cant explain the pain they would go through.

Also, you see all those dogs walking on the road with no home to go to, that’s from owners just throwing out these poor dogs. I’ve been to Bali a number of times and I’ve seen all the dogs, some have been hit, some have starved to death. All because of these selfish owners kicking them out of their home after accepting to take care of the poor animal.

Furthermore, I strongly agree that animal abuse is sickening, I don’t want to see any dogs walking on the road alone, and should be banned everywhere.

Chris Saldaris
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