Animal Cruelty

Topics: Human, Thought, Mammal Pages: 2 (629 words) Published: February 17, 2013
Animals could mean many things to different people. To some people, an animal could be a friend, a best friend, or maybe just a companion in life. But to some people, animals give a whole new meaning. Humans are gaining pleasure by being cruel and abusing their animals day and night. Animal cruelty means torturing and inflicting pain to animals. This is currently an issue happening all around the world. Animal cruelty could happen anywhere, from being beaten at home by a mean owner or being tested on by scientists on products that are being used on humans. This traumatizes an animal for life causing them to be terrified by the sight of a human being.

Centuries ago, animals such as dogs, cats and lots more used to be free to roam around anywhere they would like to without being disturbed. They would have been perfectly happy to continue on with their lives as nature intended them to do so. But, then came the human beings. Humans came along promising animals a better life. But needless to say, they didn’t stick to their promise. Who gave us the right to slaughter animals for no reason? What made us think animals were unworthy creatures?

One form of animal cruelty is pets who are being mistreated by their own owners. The people hurt the animals in the most horrific ways possible. These ways include beating them and starving them for days for no reason at all. The poor animals are sometimes cooped up in a small dark room being forced to sleep on a cold floor the whole day. Animals are literally being killed in broad daylight. Has anyone ever tried thinking what might be going on inside an animal’s head? They might be trying to say ‘’please help me, or at least end my suffering.’’ ‘’Please don’t kick me again’’ Why does no one have any sympathy for them when they look into their pleading look of tormented eyes?

Another form of animal cruelty is when scientists or companies test their new products on animals. People believe that by...
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