Animal Behaviors

Topics: Predation, Evolution, Reptile Pages: 3 (967 words) Published: March 12, 2012
Edmund Balogun
Bio 105
Assignment- Amniotes

The Reptiles
An Innate behavior can be said to be an inborn behavior. One of the innate behaviors shown in the clip is the chameleon’s ability to reach for cover and adapt with the environment and to feed. The predatory behavior of the chameleon can be seen in its feeding, it brings out its tongue to pick a prey in a fast way. It is important because it enables it catch their prey so that they don’t escape. The eyes of the chameleon moves round in any direction, without the head moving along with it. The adaptive advantage of the chameleon’s eye is that it helps them to see what is happening around them and can also help them to look out for predators, as well as look for preys. Flying Lizard: Yes the lizard’s wings are homologous to a bird’s wings. They are homologous because the lizard’s wings are folds of skin, supported by ribs that extend out wards from its body, while in the bird; its forelimbs are modified as wings. The bird’s wings are present for support and propulsion. The two theories of flight in birds are; the “ground-up” hypothesis based on running birds with primitive wings to snare insects, the “trees-down” hypothesis has birds passing through tree, climbing, leaping, parachuting, gliding and finally powered flight. The Lizards wings support the “tree-down” theory, because it glides down from a tree when it wants to avoid predator. Basalisk lizard: The basilisk lizard is able to walk on water because its feet have a large surface area that breaks the surface tension of the water. The behavior evolved in the basalisk lizard as way of escaping predators, (anti-predatory behavior) especially land predators. Because they are vulnerable. Two-headed Snake: The evolutionary pressures may be predators attacking the snake, especially from behind, so the snake developed a way of distracting predators with its head and with its tail. It can be advantageous to the snake because it is going to...
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