Animal Abuse: the Torturing of Animals

Topics: Suffering, Humane Society of the United States, Humane society Pages: 2 (763 words) Published: February 18, 2013
The Torturing of Animals
Every year there are hundreds of thousands of pets being abused and this must to come to an end. I myself love animals and I would never try to hurt my pets. People take advantage of animals and try to make money off of them by making them fight. In reality, this is a type of abuse and it is illegal. There are many different types of abuse that must be stopped. Although animal abuse occurs all over the world with all sorts of animals and people it can and must be put to a halt. People mostly do this because it is an easy way to release anger but there are ways or controlling that. People all over the world abuse animals not thinking about how badly they are torturing them. Every day you see a commercial on the TV about animal abuse and people think nothing of it and how badly we need to put a stop to it. There are many different ways that people can control their anger than by that. “Every day there are about three hundred animals are abused”. “It has been shown that people abuse animals to take their anger out on them” (National Humane Society) because of these reasons and it needs to stop. You can help by donating money to the humane society and help volunteer to save these animals. People may do this because of anger problems but also people can make money by making animals fight. Animal fighting is found all over the world. People do his because they can place bets and make money off of these fights. Usually they make good money off of these animal fights. These are mostly found in the more poor communities because they need to find a way to make money. They then start to rely on crime and dog fighting when they have no other income to rely on. The only problem with this is that they animals are usually killed of badly injured and usually discarded after fights. People would rather leave them instead of help because they don’t want to pay the money to help the dog recover so they just discard them into the streets...
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