Anil: Abuse and Pivotal Events

Topics: Abuse, Bullying, Psychological abuse Pages: 1 (316 words) Published: March 11, 2013
of terrorism” as a method of foreshadowing the coming, pivotal events in the story and the characters involved. The mosquitoes mentioned are representative of the villainous characters of Marimuthu and the headman, inflicting lasting, potentially fatal damage on their oblivious victims with no moral qualms – as with mosquitoes. It is a given that the “reign” of the mosquitoes relates directly to the reign of the headman and Marimuthu over the village, therefore, this represents their abuse of their own power and hierarchical importance and they cause physical and emotional destruction. Noor, through character description, presents Anil’s father, Appa, as an abusive bully in his domestic environment, but a coward in the presence of the headman. “a bully to his family and a timid mouse to the headman” – this presents a second abuse of power within the story, where the cycle of the abused (Appa, abused by the headman) “the mouse of a man who was ready to serve his employer” becomes the abuser (Appa to his wife) “Anil saw the bruise on her shoulder, where Appa […] had hit her” – this works in effect to generate a balanced view of Anil’s father – drawing, at first, loathing from the reader towards him, but towards the conclusion of the novel, sympathy, as he is presented as a broken, hopeless man “a bent, despaired figure”. In the concluding dialogue of the story, Appa abuses his position as father of Anil by threatening the young boy, in an attempt to prevent any verbal challenge from Anil in the event of his untimely and unjust banishment from the village. “Or I’ll come down there and give you a good walloping”, as a result of his position in the family hierarchy, Anil must succumb to and accept this threat, “do you understand?’ Anil nodded”. Justice has been sacrificed as a result of the power corrupted characters and their actions throughout the story.
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