Anient Spartan Kings

Topics: Sparta, Military, Army Pages: 4 (771 words) Published: February 15, 2013
With reference to source 14 and other sources explain the role of the kings in Spartan society. Introduction:
* Two kings who played major roles
* Religious, military and political
* Privileges
* Agiads and Eurypontids- descendants of Hercules
* Served for life
* Strictly hereditary
* Roles:
* Judge and lawgiver, magistrates for some cases such as adoption, marriage and public roads. * The kings played roles in making important judicial decisions. Quote: Herodotus “any man desires to adopt a son he must do it in the presence of the king.”

* Chief Priest, overseeing religious festivals, making sacrifices. * HERODOTUS STATES THAT AT THE FESTIVALS THE KINGS WOULD BE GIVEN AN ANIMAL TO SACRIFICE TO THE GODS. * HERODOTUS also states that a privilege which came with their religious roles was that they were able to sit first at any event. Militaristic:

* Commander in chief of the army, and could declare war at any time. * Military leaders- one of them stayed in Sparta.
* HERODOTUS STATES that the kings had the right to declare war against whoever/whenever.- shows significant of their role. * The kings were granted with 100 men as a body guard- Privilege. QUOTES:

The kings would be given an animal to sacrifice-Herodotus
The kings could declare war whenever- Herodotus
Able to sit first at any event-Herodotus
“Any man desires to adopt a son he must do it in the presence of the king.” - Herodotus

With reference to source 14 and other sources, explain the significane of Lycurgus reforms to Spartan society. INTRODUCTION:
* Who was Lycurgus? Lycurgus was the legendary lawgiver who implemented to the reforms of Spartan society in the 7th century BC. * GOVERNMENT, LAND REFORMATION, MILITARY AND SOCIAL ASPECTS * EXPLICIT CHANGES:

* Monarchy – oligarchy
* Kings were original rulers, Lycurgus changed it to multiple rulers * Originally run by two kings- Agiads...
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