Anheuser-Busch Global Marketing Strategy - Paper

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  • Published : February 22, 2013
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Anheuser-Busch Global Marketing Strategy
Since its foundation in the mid-1800s, Anheuser-Busch Company (AB InBev) established as one of their goals to, “[Created] new ways of connecting beer drinkers with its products” ("Marketing and Advertising", n.d.). Anheuser-Busch philosophy has been maintained up to this date; by finding the need to implement a wide diversity of marketing strategies with the clear objective to maintain and gain market share worldwide.

According to Forbes in 2012, Anheuser-Busch ranked globally #53 on innovation, #93 Globally, #221 in Sales ($39.05B), #87 in Profit, #220 in Assets, and #42 in Market value ("InBev Forbes List", n.d.). AB InBev is one of the most important companies in the world to work with and to analyze from a marketing perspective not only because how they rank, also because they have been showing consistency and growth since their foundation.

This paper analyses the three main marketing strategies utilized by AB InBev: integrated marketing communication, price and portfolio analysis. Marketing strategies used by AB InBev had lead the company to be profitable, a strong competitor and to establish control over buyers and suppliers. (Boeing, Casey, & Colson, 2008).

Integrated marketing communication has been used by Anheuser-Busch Company as the main strategy to deliver a message to beer drinkers, by utilizing a group of communication disciplines such as promotion, advertising, direct marketing, sales, sales promotion, public relations, and inter-customer communications.

Price Strategy has been a key factor to obtain high revenues for AB InBev, their high market share has been allowing AB InBev to control and set prices according to their target market. A marketing strategy has been used trying to offer a wide range of prices that not only can be affordable for everybody, but to give Anheuser-Busch customers the perception of the value, quality and benefit that they are acquiring while buying AB InBev products.

Portfolio Analysis it is currently used by AB InBev management, not only to offer a variety of products, but most importantly to define how much time and money they should spend on current products seeking continuous success, how much time and money they should invest on new products and lastly when it is time to remove a product from the shelves. Analysis

Integrated Marketing Communication

According to Moorradian, Matzler and Ring (2011), integrated marketing communication can be define as, “How the firm tells its target customers about its offerings and value propositions and moves customers to purchase” (p. 299). AB InBev is the type of company that pursues good communication with it customers and constantly sends messages to achieve sales.

Anheuser-Busch uses a diverse channel of communication with their customers, such as, promotion and advertising campaigns. Promotion and advertising campaigns are currently applied on commercial TV ads, sponsoring sports events like the Super bowl, NASCAR, NHRA, major league soccer and baseball games ("Marketing and Advertising", n.d.). According to Anheuser-Busch CEO Carlos Brito mentioned that one of the reasons its brands are really attractive is because they utilized sports as a resource to reach out to customers and that they are willing to keep investing more on marketing sports (ABC News, 2008).

Promotion and advertising campaigns thru sports helps AB InBev to reach out to their primarily target market, which is males around the age of 21-34 years old (News trend, n.d.). AB InBev has not revealed how much revenue they get directly from promotion and advertising but it is speculated that is a high number due to their willingness to invest even more on promotion and advertising.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Anheuser-Busch went back to basics in 1992 by reusing direct marketing trying to target customers at a ground floor level through the product implementation in stores....
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