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English 12
The Struggles of Angus Bethune
“I just wanted to let you know things aren’t always as they appear,” is a big lesson that Angus Bethune learns throughout this story. Angus is a teenager who is forced to struggle with people making fun of him because of his weight and his parent’s sexual orientation. Angus has learned to stand up for himself and how to cope with people bullying him. He has had to deal with people making comments about his parents and their decisions for as long as he can remember. He has always had a crush on a girl is his school names Melissa. It isn’t until the school dance that Angus gets to know Melissa and she teaches him a valuable lesson. At the school dance Angus faces his fears and dances with Melissa even though he is a terrible dancer. Angus Bethune is a character who sticks up for himself, is a terrible dancer, and learns an important lesson and I can relate to him throughout this novel.

Angus has learned how to stand up for himself over the past few years and he shows this by facing one of the most popular kids in school, Rick Stanford. Rick is dating Melissa and as soon as Melissa is supposed to dance with Angus, Rick becomes defensive. Angus gets angry when Rick tries to bring his parents into the fight. He has had enough teasing about it and he finally speaks up to Rick telling him to be quite. Angus swept his feet under Rick’s and he soon surrenders in defeat.

Once Angus stood up for himself, he had to face his fears and dance with Melissa even though he was terrified to. Angus knew that he was a terrible dancer, yet he still decided to go and face his fears. Once he started dancing with Melissa he realized it wasn’t that bad and he ended up having the best time dancing with the girl of his dreams. When I was younger, I had a similar experience with soccer. All my friends wanted to play soccer, but I was terrible at it so I would just watch. It wasn’t until the boy who I had a huge crush on asked me to play a...
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