Angular Kinematics

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  • Published : March 11, 2013
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ASSIGNMENT 2Video Analysis of Vertical Jump –
Due Mon 19th April (4pm) – Turnitin & Hard copy as ususal.

The purpose of this assignment is to apply video collection techniques and kinematic analysis to sports performance. Whilst data collection was being carried out in groups, the data analysis and write up of the report must be an INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT and must be completely your own work. Your report should include the following:

Report Format

Title Page:Include name, student number, module code and title of assessment

Introduction:A brief introduction to the topic (with appropriate references and definitions, include sub headed: Aim, Hypothesis (300 words)

Methods:This should include the following subsections. 1) Subjects, 2) Data Collection, 3) Data Analysis. Each subsection should include detailed and concise information to allow a person of equal technical experience to repeat the experiment (225 words) Results:The experimental data should be presented graphically and tabulated. Any further or statistical analysis should be fully detailed. You will need to look at the differences in kinematic components of the movement in question as outlined below.(200 words)

Discussion:A detailed and precise account of the findings from the experiment and the reasons for them. This should include a comparison of your findings with those from relevant literature

Interpreting the data (using appropriate graphs)
• Identify the instant at which the trunk reaches its lowest angle (i.e. its most flexed position) prior to take-off. • Note down the angular velocity of the trunk at this time, and explain your observation. • Note down the angular acceleration of the trunk at this time, and explain your observation. • Describe the motion of the trunk (in terms of flexion and extension) and explain the pattern of the angular velocity and angular acceleration of the trunk during the take off phase of the SVJ....
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