Angry Birds Physics Lab

Topics: Angle, Length, Scientific method Pages: 3 (678 words) Published: November 15, 2012
Kyle Brooks
Angry Birds Projectile Motion Lab

How to Perfect Distances Of Birds using Launching Angles

Purpose: The Purpose of this Lab is to discover which launch angles give the birds the longest and shortest time in flight.

Hypothesis: I believe that the bird will launch the farthest at the 45 degree angle because that’s exactly half of 90 degrees which will give it the maximum height in comparison to length. I also think that the bird will launch the shortest at 0 degrees because it will go a very short distance because it has such a steep launch angle.


Angry Birds application
Protractor to measure angles
Level with no obstructions in the birds path (level 1)
Red angry birds

1.)Gather birds, launcher, other materials, and open up angry birds application. 2.)Launch birds at 0, 45, and 90 degrees (or your choice of angles to test) and record data. (Make sure the level is one that doesn’t obstruct the path of the birds and contains only red angry birds. Like level 1.)

3.)Repeat step 2 3 times and record distances for each angle. 4.)Look at the qualitative data and come to a conclusion of which angle gives the bird that farthest distance and which the least. (Record distances.)


Controlled: Power birds are launched at (maximum), type of angry birds (red birds), level where test were done (level 1)

Independent: Angle the angry birds are launched at

Responding: Birds travel a certain distance based off the angle they are launched at.

Data: Distance Traveled by Bird (Qualitative)

Angle of Launch
Trial0 degrees45 degrees90 degrees
1Slightly ForwardOut of the screenNearly to the Structure 2 Slightly ForwardOut of the screen2/3 to the Structure
3Slightly BackwardsOut of the screen¾ to the Structure
4No MovementOut of the screen2/3 to the Structure
5Slightly BackwardsOut of the screen¾ to the Structure...
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