Angle in the House

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Esteemed Basketball Shoes

American culture has always been driven by every person’s right to the pursuit of happiness, and the desire to have money and be accepted. Out of this right arose a concept of the American dream. The American dream is any Americans concept of becoming successful in America. Symbolism in the marketing strategies of Nike and Adida in the Basketball shoes market builds from the embodiment of success. The companies use a successful spokes person like Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant or Derek Rose. There are many similar and different ways to associate their products with successful athletes, and both companies have attractive shoes and an established brand, yet Nike has a large majority of the market share and Adida as a small piece of the remaining market.

I know that all races buy shoes sponsored by or named after a popular athlete. Marketing companies use athletes to endorse their product because when the athlete models the product it becomes associated with the athlete and fans buy because of the athlete’s judgment. The Jordan shoe and other high priced shoes cater to a fashion trend that suggests prominence and good finance. When someone is accused of wearing a “fake” or knock-off” brand they will be laughed at and criticized. People will make it a bid deal to point out that your shoes are not authentic, and even take the find to social media to joke about it more. This suggests that in American culture if you want to fit in, you have to keep up with the Jones’s.

Nike’s approach to launching the Jordans was brilliant. Many people say that they used many techniques from the art of seduction to make Air Jordans as big a brand as it is. The day after the original Jordan shoe was released; it was banned from the NBA because they were not all white. At the time, every shoe in the NBA was all white and Michael was fined 300 dollars every game he wore them. Nike took advantage of the circumstances and made it seem as if Jordans were banned from the NBA because they gave Michael some sort of unfair advantage.

The first pair of Jordan shoes were priced at $65 but soon rose to 3 figures between $100 and $350. Nike used TV commercials with Jordan fan Spike Lee, and ran a print ad campaign using stunning and detailed graphic design. That’s what most companies do and it does not explain how the Jordan Brand became so big.

The Jordan shoe received a lot of publicity. There was someone killed for their Jordans, several people were assaulted and robbed for their Jordans, and of course the fact that they were banned from the NBA and Mike was being finned $500 every game. Michael Jordan was also a gossip peace. Some people condemned Jordan for pricing his shoe out of reach of children from poor family’s who loved him the most, and others condemned Michael for manufacturing in China. All this back ground controversy about the Jordan brand created a craze, and made Jordans a must have. From here Nike had to maintain what it had created. The Jordan brand was able to keep people excited about the next Jordan shoe release and continues to market the shoes promoting every shoe release.

I feel that this method of advertising works because people’s priorities are geared toward social acceptance. No one should be harmed for their shoes or robbed for them. Death over shoes sounds completely imaginary. The reports over the shoe robbing was gang related which is sending a message to all races and potential customers that poor people in the hoods and ghettos are killing each other over these shoes. I’m not sure why that undertone is appealing rather than disgusting. It resulted in unprecedented sales, rather than outright opposition to Michael Jordans brand because it was causing malevolence in the community.

When you are marketing a product in the world of fashion, you have to establish your product as a valuable item that is sought after by many people. The desirability of the...
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