Anger Was My Best Friend

Topics: Anger, Virtue, Heart Pages: 2 (558 words) Published: February 27, 2013
Anger was my best friend.
I used to be a different person. I was short-tempered, annoying, rude, and there was a maelstrom of anger of frustration inside me. No one liked to get close to me, because they were afraid I would flare up for minuscule reasons. My good friend, Jane, would always advise me to control my temper and keep my anger in check, but I could never do so. I knew that being able to do so would make me more likeable and approachable, but anger was my best friend and there were simply too many instances when I could not control my best friend. Then, I met Rob. He was the school’s new counsellor. I had often been sent to counselling as my teachers noticed the issues I had with managing my best friend. Previously, I hated the sessions as the counsellors treated me like a kid with some problems. But Rob was different. He made me feel as though I was normal, not weird, different, or crazy. Initially, I was reluctant about opening up to him, and I was still angry at the people who kept insisting on me going for stupid, meaningless counselling sessions. However, Rob changed my mindset about those things, and he made me feel that he was genuine in his desire to help. By comparison, all the other counsellors had always seemed insincere and gave me the impression that they were only there for me because they were being paid to do so. Each time I went for a session with Rob, I drifted further and further away from anger. Occasionally, when he mentioned things I detested and brought up people I despised, my blood would boil and anger would rise within me, but Rob was able to calm me and make me relax. He taught me different methods to release my anger; once, he brought me to the seaside and asked me to scream and shout at the sea, and allow the waves to wash my anger and frustrations away. I began to get better. I never really knew how huge a burden it was to be angry all the time. Though anger was my best friend, it had always been a heavy load on my...
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